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💜 how to build a personal practice

published5 months ago
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Hi Reader,

Welcome back to this monthly brain spill :)

Last month I wrote about how inviting rituals into our days can help us live more in alignment with nature's cycles.

In the Yoga tradition, we observe what we call a sadhana which is a daily spiritual practice that helps reconnect to ourselves.

(And if you don't vibe with the term "spiritual", replace it with "conscious" or "intentional")

The content of this personal routine is entirely up to you, but the most important part is to honour it every single day.

Since I've started my sadhana a few years back I feel like I've walked (or rather stumbled) into my own life. It's as if I was invited to a play featuring myself as the lead role which up until now I was too engrossed in to realise it was happening!

This practice has been a constant reminder to enjoy what is there right now instead of rushing to the next thing (which can never exist here nor now).

I've found deep reserves of peace, joy, and love that remain intact despite the fluctuations & chaos of life.

I've learned to develop a better relationship with myself, and trust my own guidance.

The more I learn to connect to this current that underlies everything, the more I feel supported by this force and in awe at the big beautiful mess that is our human experience.


And still most days I resist. 🤷🏻‍♀️

"I don't have time for it right now. I'll experience life fully tomorrow." (right)

It's HARD my friend (and totally worth it).

Whatever the content of the practice - which I like to change & adapt to phases of my life - I know that the real lesson is in turning up for it and making it a priority even (and especially!) when it's the last thing I feel like doing.

As soon as I do, I remember. 💡

When was the last time you took just 5 min to pause & take it all in? What did that look like? What did you do?

A personal practice is unique to you and almost any activity can count as practice as long as it's done with your full dedication & for its own sake.

It can be sitting in meditation, doing yoga asanas, taking a walk in nature, breathing, journaling...

It does NOT have to be a 2h long morning routine or a complicated regimen prescribed as some kind of holy grail.

The goal is to simply be with what is.

So how can you get started and most importantly, stick with it?

🐜 Whatever you do, start small. Keep it simple. Do something that feels so easy that it is virtually impossible for you not to do it.

🎍 Find a space in your home to create your own sanctuary, a place which draws you inward & lights up your senses.

⏳ Pick a time. It can be fixed or more of a transitional moment that is part of the natural flow of your day. My schedule is too varied to allow for the former so I tend to have a few practice slots that are tied to other regular activities (the easiest is always soon after waking up or right before bed).

✨ Find the balance between being consistent in what you do (so you don't have to decide every time) and still leaving space for creativity and experimentation, to allow joy to arise spontaneously.

💜 Do it seriously but don't take it too seriously. Distractions are bound to come up. You won't always feel inspired. Meeting yourself with kindness & curisioty is the practice. Then this too becomes your life.

Until next time x


PS: If you're based in Sydney, I'll be back in your inbox veeeery soon to tell you about 2 special events I'm running in the coming weeks. They combine some of my favorite things: Yoga, Music, and the Moon! 🌛 I hope these can infuse you with new ideas & inspiration for your own rituals.