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Welcome to 2022 ✨ Why this time is not going to be different (and that's ok)

published10 months ago
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💫 Happy new year Reader!

I hope 2022 has gone off to a good start for you. I've just returned from Europe where I was finally reunited with family and friends after 2 years apart (!!). The love & joy I felt is simply beyond words. 💜

Now that I'm back, I'm going through the usual new year phase we all seem to fall into... Feeling excitment about this fresh start we've been given by the calendar. "This time it's going to be different." As if we all suddenly have the superpower to do it all, whether it be sticking to an exercise regime, starting that side project, or achieving work-life balance. There's always a goal we can reach for, some ideal to get to.

Only I know this feeling will start to dissipate in a few weeks like a mirage, leaving in its trail bad conscience & disillusionment...

As the philosopher Sam Harris reminded me the other day on his meditation app Waking Up (which I highly recommend):

The truth is we never arrive in life. We must always begin again. Because nothing lasts. All you have (all you will ever have) is the present. This is your opportunity to connect with your life - and it will always be the case.

Add to that that we're notoriously bad at predicting what will make us happy and we have a strong case for dropping new years resolutions altogether! Instead, how about giving ourselves permission to try, fail, start again as an ongoing living process?

Beginning again might be the only true superpower we have. So why not practice it on the yoga mat? Arm balances like Crow are not exactly the most natural shapes for us humans.. but achieving such a fit can be exactly the lesson we need in starting over.

This Crow Tutorial for Beginners comes from a live workshop I gave on Zoom a while ago (so please forgive the low quality). If you think you can't do it, let me prove you wrong! I share some drills, preparatory poses, and props to help you along ;)

Thanks for reading all the way. If you have any suggestions or things you'd like to read / learn about, I'd love to hear from you!

Take care x